GIVERS University’s Super Smart Nutrient Dense Foods® Line


Containing the World’s Original Super Smart Nutrient Dense Foods ® Code

The Fibonacci sequence code exists in all life forms. This numerical code was first noticed within the last 800 years. This Divine Code was initially shared with the western world by Leonardo Bonacci (Leonardo of Pisa or Leonardo Bigollo Pisano), an Italian master mathematician who also authored the Liber Abaci (Book of Abacus or The Book of Calculation) in 1202. wikipedia

The Fibonacci sequence code is the mathematical, geometric and fundamental math sequence and principle behind the structure of life. This wonderful divine sequence can be found in flowers, fruits, vegetables, trees, plants, leaves, and arguably in all plant life. This divine code has also been found in the human body including our very own DNA helix code.

This quest included how to use the Fibonacci sequence code in combination with a special combination of divine numbers to formulate a line of foods and drinks using these codes in perfect harmony. This new code would serve as the numerical building blocks for a line of wellness foods and drinks, which contain special nutritional formulations in specific harmoniously balanced qualities and quantities. The answer had to include these “life codes” to help support life itself, the same codes which are already found in nature and the human body. Life itself is already the undeniable proof of the credibility of these codes.

A breakthrough in the health & wellness world benefiting Young & Old worldwide. This had never been done before

The Fibonacci Code and the divine numerical codes fit together in harmony to make the formulations work on a mathematical and balance level.

The code can be seen all around, if you know what to look for. Even a simple pinecone off the ground has the code hidden in plain sight on the pinecone.

It is our sincere belief that this invention will completely change the way everyone in the world looks at food, thinks about food and uses enriched nutrient dense foods® and drinks to achieve a higher level of optimum health and longevity that was unheard of ever before or even thought possible.

Over 85% of the population take some sort of vitamin and mineral supplements as an open acknowledgement that the foods and drinks consumed DO NOT contain the nutrition required.

It is the intention of this Super Smart Nutrient Dense Foods® formula to usher in a completely new worldwide food and drink paradigm. This new shift in thinking will be towards only consuming foods and drinks that contain the wellness codes, which mirror life’s perfect codes, the very “codes of life.” This new wellness formulation will creatively destroy the old thought process of eating unhealthy foods and subsequently taking vitamin supplements as an open acknowledgement of the complete lack of nutrition in most modern-day foods.

The Old Paradigm of Eating & Drinking

Eating unhealthy, although great tasting foods, and then subsequently purchasing and consuming nasty tasting and most often ineffective vitamin and mineral pills for supplementation.

To Be Replaced By The New Paradigm of Eating & Drinking

Enjoying great tasting wellness foods and drinks with the vitamins and minerals already blended into the foods and drinks. No more nasty tasting and costly pills.

GIVERS University’s Super Smart Nutrient Dense Foods® are classified as NUTRACEUTICALS

As a direct result of massive public demand for natural alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (called DSHEA, also known as the Hatch-Harkin Bill) was passed by Congress in 1994.This milestone event has led to the development of an incredible new class of supplements, known as Nutraceuticals.

Nutraceuticals are functional food products with a proven relationship to health maintenance. They occupy a slot between pharmaceuticals and traditional nutritional supplements.

Nutraceuticals are at the Center Between Both of These Categories

Nutritional Supplements

What distinguishes Nutraceuticals, is the ability to document their results with published, peer reviewed scientific studies that validate their effectiveness.


The American Nutraceutical Association defines “Nutraceuticals” as functional foods that have potentially disease-preventing and health promoting properties. They are also naturally occurring dietary substances in pharmaceutical dosage forms, thus including “dietary supplements” as defined by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), as well as comparable substances unintended for oral ingestion.


1. Scientifically Formulated and
2. Medically Proven

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