GIVERS University’s Pure Gives

A “Pure Give” A Day Is The GIVERS Way

The Labor of Love

We at GIVERS University heartily recommend that you find, if you do not have one, a labor of love, because it does something good and fulfilling to an individual. It does something to your spirit and it does something to your soul, when you have something that you are doing, because you are doing it for the right reasons. Not because you are expecting anything in return.

A labor of love works in incredible ways. It builds such incredible relationships; GIVE such incredible results because the GIVER is engaged in an activity that is purely a labor of love, expecting nothing in return. We would like to suggest to you that you have a labor of love and that if you don’t have one, find one.

The opportunity for success has never been greater than by teaming up with GIVERS within the worldwide GIVERS University Community membership.

Something that is good; something that allows you to be a GIVER and allows you to keep GIVING, not because you are expecting anything in return, but because you want to, in fact, be GIVING. It’s something very, very important in all of our lives.

Wouldn't the planet be a better place if more people had a labor of love? There would be a lot more fulfilling GIVER relationships; a lot more good things would come out of people being GIVERS. An interesting thing about a labor of love is that you have to be a GIVER to have one. Takers don’t have labors of love because it never is a labor of love. Quite candidly, because GIVERS gain and Takers lose, there is something empowering about a labor of love. However, there is also something else that happens.

When you have a labor of love, all of the 7 laws taught in the GIVERS Mindset book and course come into play and are kicked into high gear at an accelerated rate, which causes amazingly good things to happen.

Do something to make the world a better place. If we don’t, who will? This isn’t our planet; we’re renting it from our kids, we’re leasing it from our children and from our children’s children. It’s not ours and we need to do something to make it a better place. We believe that it’s going to start coming together. All things come full circle.

Just as we’ve had this incredible distrust in the last few decades, we believe there must be a time where trust comes back into play; it must happen. Moreover, we’re hoping that GIVERS University and the GIVE To Be Great series of books and courses help usher in these positive changes.

By building your GIVER Communities of Today, you will be laying the important foundation stones for the GIVER Communities of Tomorrow. Isn’t it time for the previously known “silent majority” to become the “assertive and action-oriented GIVERS” of today and tomorrow? Don't you think this information would be a good thing for many people to know? Children, teenagers, parents? In school, most people don’t teach how to build relationships.

It’s unfortunate when you think about it. Wouldn't this be one of the most important things to teach? They teach you about math, that's important, but they don’t teach children about relationships.

They say if you know math, you know how to count the ones you kill. So, you've got to know math; otherwise, you won’t be able to keep score.

Wouldn't you think that one of the most important things we should learn in school is how to build GIVER relationships and how to make relationships work? That would be a critical thing to be taught and I don’t know why we missed that one. That's a biggie; think of the things that could change in the school environment, the concept of peers and what they represent.

A “Pure Give” A Day Is The GIVERS Way

If you don’t have a labor of love at this time, consider adopting the GIVERS University and GIVE To Be Great labor of love. Here is how it works:

Here Is How It Works

Every day, look for a way to GIVE to someone else. Your “pure GIVE” that you do every day, 7 days a week, is pure because you expect nothing at all in return.

I repeat, GIVE, and expect nothing at all in return. That is very important.

GIVING or helping in any way will work. You can help someone carry their groceries. Hold the door open for an extended period of time for others. Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line. Call someone on the phone and GIVE an unexpected compliment. Be imaginative.

Be on the lookout for opportunities to do a “pure GIVE.” By being on the lookout to GIVE pure GIVES, you will be in a better state of mind all day.

Your pure GIVE may only take a minute (or even less) of your time. Do a pure GIVE that is unexpected. Your pure GIVES do not need to be long drawn out planned events. Short, sweet and unexpected is actually better.

Whether you are working, running errands, meeting friends, visiting with family or just talking on the phone, you will find many, many small ways to do your pure GIVE each day. A spur of the moment pure GIVE is very powerful indeed.

Make your pure GIVES impromptu, simple and genuine. Have fun with your pure GIVE each day. Look for new and different ways to do a pure GIVE. When you are having a challenging day, watch how doing your pure GIVE brightens your day. Get your family involved.

Watch how your children pick up on doing a pure GIVE each day for others. Watch the smile on everyone’s faces. Remember to be on the lookout for opportunities to do your pure GIVE each day. Strive to do your pure GIVE each day. Notice how good you feel.

You will get an almost purifying feeling each time you GIVE while expecting nothing in return. There is a “freeing” kind of feeling with GIVING purely. It will warm your heart.

Companies can do “30 day” Pure Give-A-Thons to help strengthen a GIVERS culture within the corporate culture.

Imagine when GIVERS University and GIVE To Be Great inspires people around the world to do a pure GIVE each day. Wouldn’t we all feel better? Wouldn't we be happier? Wouldn't we be a great example for others?

So, if you don’t have a labor of love, please consider adopting the GIVERS University and GIVE To Be Great labor of love and start by doing your first pure GIVE today.

Doing your pure GIVE each day is proof that you have the GIVERS Mindset, you are living the GIVERS Lifestyle and you are engaged in GIVERS Lifelong Learning. It’s proof that you want to GIVE To Be Great.

Share Your Pure GIVER Experiences With Others And Get Them Involved In Doing Their Own Pure Gives. Use Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or post pictures to other popular online sites to help Pure Gives to go viral while being a good example for others to follow.