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A GIVER self-improvement program would consist of an average of 1 hour per day. If you can start with 30-minutes per day, start there, and work your way up to a “consistent” 1 hour per day improving yourself. Consistency is critical. Be consistent each and every day. GIVE to yourself each day with the gift of knowledge and wisdom.

Our GIVERS University Content Quality Assurance GUARNTEES All Products & Services Are Fully Vetted For Content

All GIVERS University Products and Services are “FULLY VETTED” for content by the GIVERS University Vetting Council. All Products and Services MUST BE aligned with the GIVERS Mindset, GIVERS Lifestyle, and GIVERS Lifelong Learning.

Self-Improvement Services For Persons And Groups:

  • Books
  • Audio Books
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Videos
  • Apps
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • E-Readers
  • Puzzles
  • Computer Software Games
  • Board Games
  • Digital Downloads
  • Book of the Month Clubs
  • Digital Download of the Month Clubs
  • Video of the Month Clubs
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Movie Downloads
  • Digital Gift Cards
  • Educational Credited Courses
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Scholarships

Self-Improvement Services For Persons And Groups:

  • GIVERS University Seal of Approval
  • Guest Speakers for all occasions
  • Mentoring programs
  • Life Coaches
  • Business Consultants
  • Webinars
  • Mystery Taker (shopper) Programs

Types of Self-Improvement Programs For GIVERS

These are a few of the various types of self-improvement products and services programs coming to you soon. There are more, however, this is a good starting point. Having a clearly defined self-improvement program and doing self-improvement each and every day are the two critical and essential components of a GIVERS self-improvement program.

“Self-Improvement” Makes a Great Gift for Others