GIVERS University Instructors Opportunity


A good working instructor may qualify to earn up to $12,000 per month or more after their first 90 days as an instructor.

GIVERS University Has Two Independent Affiliate Positions

Instructor: An instructor teaches the GIVERS University “Give To Be Great” series and other courses and services, to corporate employees and the public.

Connector: A connector refers their current and former relationships to an instructor and GIVERS University and receives income resulting from referred client(s) volume.

Both Positions Enjoy These Benefits

  • Being part of something bigger. Increasing happiness, freedom, and greatness.
  • Working with others who are like-minded GIVERS.
  • Part-Time or Full-Time hours.
  • May work from home, office, or campus.
  • Financial independence and security.
  • Be your own boss, independently representing GIVERS University.
  • More time with family and friends - balanced life.
  • Working in a GIVERS culture - Helpful and supportive.
  • Part of a worldwide community network of GIVERS – Ever expanding.
  • Supplemental income – Part-Time income may exceed $2,000 or more per month.
  • Residual income – Ever increasing through developing other GIVERS.
  • Performance incentives and awards.
  • Recognition – Both status and rewards.
  • Advancement to higher levels of leadership.
  • GIVERS University Direct-To-Customer marketing campaigns including Super Smart Nutrient Dense Foods® and Drinks, and other products and services. These programs are Managed by GIVERS University and they become a large ongoing profit center for connectors and instructors.

Additional Benefits For Instructors

  • Increased income potential of up to $120,000 per year or more.
  • Car programs – Luxury autos.
  • Trip incentives – Luxury travel awards.
  • Recognition of Instructor status.
  • Advancement to Senior, Master, or Ambassador Instructor positions – Dramatic increase in income.
  • Retirement income (within 3-5 years). Up to $120,000 per year or more in retirement income.

A Proven System

  • Systemic approach – Step-By-Step system.
  • GIVER culture of learning.
  • GIVER culture of teaching.
  • Initial training.
  • On-Going training and support systems.
  • Testimonials prove attainable results.

Do You Have At Least 12 Out of the Following 18 Personality and Skills Traits?

  • Outgoing
  • People-Oriented
  • Easy Going
  • Friendly
  • Aggressive
  • Honest
  • Hard Working
  • Teachable
  • Want More
  • Ethical
  • Flexible
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Sales & Marketing Skills
  • Customer-Focused
  • Phone Skills
  • Current Relationships
  • Advancement
  • GIVER-Oriented

If you have 12 or more of these personality traits and skills, you may qualify to be a GIVERS University Connector or Instructor.

To See If You Qualify, Contact GIVERS University or the person who referred you.