Over 40 years ago, at the age of 18 years old, the author of the three-book GIVE TO BE GREAT series, met a multimillionaire named Sam Robbins. The author recognized that Sam was not only wealthy in terms of money, but, also wealthy in terms of Happiness, Freedom and Greatness. The author asked Sam if he would consider personally mentoring him. Sam agreed save one condition he required. The condition was that when the time was right, and the author was told that he would know when that time was, the author would share the knowledge and secrets of Happiness, Freedom and Greatness with the worldwide mass population to the benefit of current and future generations. The author agreed to the condition and the vow was made.

Sam took the author under his wing when he was 19 years old and became the father he never had, even though he had a biological father.

Upon Sam’s death in 1991, the time Sam had foretold had arrived, and the author knew in his heart it was time to fulfill the vow he made 17 years earlier. Sam’s teachings and shared thoughts on both being a GIVER and Happiness, Freedom and Greatness helped lay the foundation for this series of 3 books. The author then began the long process of accumulating, assembling, classifying, testing and refining the knowledge he received from his mentor, plus added to this the analyzed knowledge of more than 1,000 Exceptional individuals. It was through their informational contributions that the author began to see those common attributes and specific actions which all of these successful people shared. These observations helped to sift down the way they thought (their mindset), their lifestyles (the way they lived their lives), and their commitment to lifelong learning (their dedication to personal growth and development) and knowledge. After 40 years, the compendium of research was prepared to be shared with the mass population through the “GIVE To Be Great™” series.

  • Book/Course 1

    The GIVERS Mindset

    How to adopt the GIVERS Exceptional Mindset

    5 Steps to Happiness, Freedom,

    and Greatness:

    Step 1: GIVE

    Step 2: INSPIRE

    Step 3: VOWS

    Step 4: EDUCATE

    Step 5: RESULTS

    7 Laws of Success

    25 Do’s to Implement the GIVERS Mindset

  • Book/Course 2

    The GIVERS Lifestyle

    How to live the GIVERS Exceptional Lifestyle

    30 Habits of GIVERS

    30 Habits of Fencers

    30 Habits of Takers

    The GIVERS Lifestyle Checklist

    “How To Live
    The GIVERS
    Exceptional Lifestyle”
  • Book/Course 3

    The GIVERS Lifelong Learning

    How to be engaged with the GIVERS Exceptional Lifelong Learning

    The GIVERS Wisdom, Wealth, and Wellness

    The GIVERS Happiness, Freedom, & Greatness

    The GIVERS Massive Exceptionalism

    The GIVERS Communities of Today & Tomorrow

    “The GIVERS Wisdom
    The GIVERS Wealth
    The GIVERS Wellness”

It is now time to embark on your exciting journey as a GIVER. Through your newly found Exceptionalism, you will enjoy increased Happiness, Freedom and Greatness.

By adopting the GIVERS Mindset, Living the GIVERS Lifestyle and being engaged in GIVERS Lifelong Learning, you will be a proud member of the GIVER Communities of Today.